Frequent Questions

International Calls

    1.How does it work?

Your PINFREE account is a prepaid account that allows you to make international calls from your cell phone, home or office previously registered without the need to dial keys or pins. Just dial any of our access numbers and follow the instructions of the virtual operator.

    2.How much is the minimum amount to recharge my account?

The minimum amount to recharge your PINFREE account is $10

    3.Do I have to dial Pines or access keys to make each call?

No, Multiphone allows you to join the phone numbers from where you make most of your calls. This way, the system will never ask you for Pines or access codes when calling from any of these numbers.

    4.What are Multifácil (Direct Call) and how do they work?

The Multifacil numbers are local Florida numbers (786) assigned to your account to program direct calls to international destinations that you frequently call. The number you call is private and only marks the number of USA you programmed. Nosotos we connect you. Each number in your account can be programmed for free 9 MultiFacts to any destination.

    5.What are Speed Dials and how do they work?

Speed Dialing, are 2-digit codes assigned to your account ranging from 01 to 50 to call international destinations that you call frequently. Only 9 marks and the two programmed digits and multiphone marks the destination number for you. You have the possibility to register 50 codes for each number registered in your account.

    6.Does my balance expire or expire?

Your prepaid balance never wins.

    7.Can I set my account to automatically reload?

Yes, you can configure from the "autorecargo" section, where you decide the amount to recharge when the account reaches a certain minimum amount established by you.

    8.Can I manage my account from my cell phone?

Yes, your account works from your phone and any other mobile device. If you have a "smartphone" with Android or Apple operating system download our application and synchronize your contacts for calls via Wi-Fi or Data Plan.

    9.Are taxes paid for my refill?

Yes, Multiphone is required to collect sales tax for resident customers or credit card billing addresses in the State of Florida.

    10.How can I suspend the automatic balance renewal on my PINFREE account?

u can do so by accessing the web portal or write to and in a very short time your request will be processed.

Local Number

    1.How does it work?

It is very simple, Multiphone assigns you a local number in the country and city of your preference (your local number) and then tell us which phone number in the USA the calls will be directed. Your friends, family or customers call you this number as a local call (in the chosen country) and you receive the calls in the USA number. This way you are a simple local call away and the best of all, you can talk UNLIMITED!

    2.How much does the local number cost?

From $ 17.95 to $ 19.95, without calls from your local number are redirected to numbers in the USA and CANADA. We also have fixed plans of minutes and charge per call received depending on where you request your local number and to which country the calls are addressed.

    3.Are there any extra activation fees?

No, there are no activation fees.

    4.Can I change the phone number to where my local number is addressed?

Yes, you can make the change from our website by accessing your account or by calling our Customer Service Center. You can also request this change by sending an email to and in a very short time your request will be processed.

    5.How many local numbers can I have?

There is no maximum of local numbers to have. You can order as many local numbers as you like according to our available inventory.

    6. If I need more minutes in the special plan of minutor or charge by received call What should I do?

You just have to recharge your PINFREE account with the amount you want and you can make and / or receive calls outside of your plan.

    7.How do I get the basic monthly rent?

The monthly basic rent is automatically charged to the credit card that was registered on the day of purchase. The collection will be made on the same date or day of the purchase of the service.

    8.Is there a penalty if I do not want the service anymore?

No, you only have to send a request with a minimum of five business days before your next billing date, to .

    9.What restrictions are there?

There is no activation cost.
Prices do not include taxes.
Assigned number subject to change.
Certain restrictions apply. Multiphone reserves the right to suspend the service if there are irregular consumptions.

    10.How can I cancel or suspend the basic monthly rent of my Local Number?

Send us your request with a minimum of five business days before your next billing date, to and in a very short time your request will be processed.

International Top-up

    1.How does it work?

The Recharge Cell Phones is an online service that allows you to send credit to any cell phone in the world. It's easy, fast and safe.

    12.How can I send an International recharge to my relatives or friends abroad?

To submit your reload first you need to open a free account on this website.

    Then simply follow these simple steps:

In the menu, go to the section of "International Refills".
Enter the cell number you wish to recharge.
Choose the amount you want to send and proceed to the payment section.
Check the status of the recharge in the "Your Reloads" section.

    3.What can I do if I top up a wrong cell phone number?

Unfortunately, we can not retrieve refills that were sent to a wrong number or operator.
These transactions are considered complete and we can not recover or reimburse them because a successful online payment leads to an immediate availability of credit on the recharged cell phone.
Please carefully check the cell phone number you are entering.

    4.Is there a maximum limit of Cell Phone Refills?

There is no maximum limit for the number of orders you can perform. However, some local cellular operators may set a maximum recharge cap that can be sent to a number per week or per month.

    5.How long does it take to recharge a cell phone number?

The Cell Phone Refill credit is usually received immediately after a successful purchase. However, on rare occasions, if the cellular carrier of the prepaid number you selected for recharging is experiencing delays, then the Cell Charge could take up to 12 hours.

    6.Do you make any additional charges?

Multiphone charges $ 1 processing fee on all of its international refills. The exact amount sent in local currency will appear on the order page before making the payment.

    7. What happens if my Reload has the status "Failed" and the collection was done on my card?

The "Failed" status may be the result of the cellular operator in that country experiencing a technical failure. It may also be due to: incorrect cell number, incorrect operator-entered number combination, postpaid cell number instead of prepaid, cell number not yet activated, etc. Please verify the information entered to ensure that all information is valid.

    10.How can I withdraw or suspend the basic monthly income of my Local Number?

If a "Failed" status changes to "Successful" then you will receive the corresponding charge. If after 72 hours the status remains "Failed" and you have not requested an inquiry, then our system will reverse the transaction automatically.

You can always know the status of your order in your "Your Refills" account.